Why multiple booking options lead to confusion and indecision

Why is having multiple booking options is a problem and why is Linktree related to this problem? Linktree is a page with multiple links for social media (Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, etc.) where people can choose a platform to book. But why is it a problem for your Airbnb? sure they are a cheap and easy to use but what you don’t know is that you might be losing potential clients every day, the fist thing you need to know is that costumers tend to feel confused and unsure about their own opinion when a lot of options are dropped on them, and this is exactly what happens with linktrees.


Think about this example: You and your Friend go to a fancy restaurant, when the menu is given to you, there are too many dishes you love or would like to try, your brain gets bombarded with so many information that you don’t know what to choose any more, you feel confused and even a bit angry. Thought start to run in your head “what If I have this one but this other might be better” and by the time you finished you will keep thinking how the other dishes might have tasted. Well, the same thing happens when a costumer clicks into your page when they see 3, 4 or even 5 options of platforms where they can book your accommodation, they will start thinking that in all of them they must check prices, among other stuff. This will consume a ton of time for them, some others will just close it and look for another accommodation.


Now you might be thinking “Well how can I fix this?” and that’s where we come in. With our help we will help you get your own webpage done and with it your costumers will not have to choose where to book or compare prices. Plus, they will get to know your accommodation a lot better, and they will feel a lot closer to you. In this webpage you will choose whatever you want, and we will not take any commissions or control over it after its finished.

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