Why do you need a Website?

You might be wondering what the advantage of having your own webpage is? Or if It’s a wise decision to buy one? should I invest on this ? Well, don’t worry about that here we’ll answer all the questions you may have.



  • Professionalism: This means that when people see that your Airbnb has a good webpage, they will instantly think that you take more serious this business than the rest which will make you stand out from the rest, and they will see you as a more professional host.


  • Contractibility: In your Webpage you will be able to put as many contact options as you want like: Email, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Phone number, etc. Whereas in a booking platform most of the time the only way to get in contact with the customer is via the chat from the app. This change will build more trust with customers plus you’re giving them the option to contact you in the way the fell the most comfortable with



  • More information: You will be able to put as much information as you want, you can tell your guests in a more detailed way everything about your place, you can tell them all the things they can do either inside or outside your property: where are the best restaurants, parks, museums, etc.


  • Targeting: Another advantage is that you can attract more ideal customers, what we mean is that maybe you already have in mind what kind of guests would like to have, thy can be: Families, Backpackers, Businesspeople, etc. This will be the perfect change for you and your customers.



  • Reachability: You could be reaching out to thousand of people and even if they don’t choose to book with you, they will keep in mind your webpage and its very likely that next time they will choose to stay at your place but for all of this to work properly you need a good SEO which will be explained in the next point.


  • Policies: We know how awful it feels to receive a cancelation and how bad it can get when the guests want all their money back even if they canceled one day or even hours before check-in. We have heard many stories of hosts complain about the platforms giving a preference to guests and forget about the host, however in your webpage you will the only and true boss of your own accommodation, you will be able to set your policies and rules.

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