Aviation: 30.000ft from the ground (Basic I)

Aviation: 30.000ft from the ground (Basic I)

If you are planning to become a pilot and you but don’t know a lot about aviation, then this course is for you. Here you will learn everything you need to know about aviation, from basic to advanced. You will be taught by a real pilot.

Price per Course: € 7,99

Emmanuel Baltazar

Who teaches? 

Hi! I am Emmanuel. Just like you I have loved planes my hole life and that made me become a real pilot. I would love to teach you everything about aviation, I have more than 3 years flying and a lifetime on simulators.

Do you have a question? Feel free to send me a message emmanuelbaltaa@gmail.com

⚠️ payment will be made via Paypal and based on trust and appreciation. Paypal: emmanuelbaltaa@gmail.com -please add the word PILOT as reason for payment at PayPal