Say bye to old door locks

We all know how important safety is for you and all your guests, so that’s why here we will show you some of the best Smart Lock Doors currently available on the market. This way your place will not be only safe, but it will also have a modernized touch.

Nest X Yale Lock

As the name suggests, this keyless deadbolt combines a Yale lock with Nest’s smarts, which allows it to work with products like the Nest Hello video doorbell or the Nest Learning Thermostat (as well as Google Home devices). While it lacks compatibility with Alexa, it’s the best smart lock for those fully invested in Nest’s ecosystem of smart-home products.


The lock is powered by four AA batteries, and beeps insistently when these run low. If you ignore the beeps until they run out, the lock can be temporarily powered by touching a 9-volt battery to the bottom of the front panel. So, as long as you have access to a battery, you shouldn’t get locked out. Alternatively, the Nest app (for iOS and Android) can control the lock, either triggering it remotely or setting up new key codes and users who can control the lock. The process to set up a new user is easy: email them a link to the Nest app and an invite code and they can install and open the lock from there. Users are given different levels of access. They can be given the option to open the door only at certain times, on certain days or for one time only.

Its Price comes around $280.

Lockly Secure Plus

Why bother with keys or codes when you have something much more unique at your fingertips? The Lockly Secure Plus adds a fingerprint reader to a smart lock that includes a keypad and a conventional lock, so as long as you remember your fingers when you leave, you can still get back in.


The fingerprint reader is on the right side of the front part of the lock. Once you have registered your fingerprint (a simple process), you can unlock the door by simply touching the button. It takes only a couple of seconds, and we found that it worked quite effectively. The keycode feature is also a little unusual. The codes you enter can be from 4 to 8 digits, set up from the app or through the keypad itself. The slick glass cover does show fingerprints, which could alert a miscreant to your code. But the Lockly Secure Plus has another trick: the position of the digits change. When you touch the screen to wake it up, the digits are shown in random order, so you aren’t constantly pressing the same spots on the keypad every time you use it. 

Its price comes around $249.

TL117 Smartbolt

Welcome to a more secured you. The TL117 Smartbolt from TURBOLOCK® is designed for people who require effective simplicity that delivers security and control without sacrificing style. Unlock your door with your phone, the digital keypad or physical key. Create and share eKeys with those you trust: friends, family members, coworkers — even maintenance workers and service providers. All without stressing over lost or stolen keys. 


Absolute control is yours. Generate and share an unlimited amount of permanent or temporary eKeys via the TURBOLOCK PLUS app. Or use the physical keys to unlock the door. This flexibility makes the TL117 ideal for residential homeowners, small business owners, rental property management and short-term rental hosts (e.g., AirBnB). And you’ll receive instant notification from the app when an eKey is used. 


No smartphone? No internet? No problem! Simply use your master code to create and modify up to nine user keycodes directly on the keypad itself. Keypad passcodes can be set up to 12 digits and will be stored in the lock’s internal memory. So, access can be granted at any time, regardless of connectivity. And with over one million possible combinations, you’ll never have to worry about an intruder guessing your entry code or repeating previous passcodes. And should someone try — a fail — to input the correct passcode, the lock goes into Security Lockout Mode for five minutes. 


Its price comes around $100.

Schlage Encode

A lot of smart door locks require a separate bridge if you want to connect them to Wi-Fi, but the Schlage Encode comes with Wi-Fi capabilities built right in. Combine that with top security grades, an ADA-compliant keypad, and multiple design options, and you have got a top-notch lock on your hands. Or rather, on your door.


The Schlage Encode comes with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, so you don’t have to buy or mess with extra devices. Once it is hooked up to your Wi-Fi, you can lock or unlock the Schlage Encode from anywhere, as long as you have your smartphone. (Works with Schlage Home app, Key by Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Ring). Smart door locks don’t usually come with their own alarms, but the Schlage Encode has at least an attempt at one. If the Schlage detects someone trying to force their way through the lock, it will let you know about it with a beeping siren-like noise.


The Schlage Encode lets you set temporary or permanent guest access codes so they can come and go without you giving them a physical key. You can also create up to 100 virtual keys, which lets guests access your house through the Schlage Home app.

Its price comes around $200.

Samsung SHP DP609

Introducing the Samsung Smart Wi-Fi biometric push and pull mortise door lock, the SHP DP609. This is Samsung’s new entry into the Wi-Fi connected range, the SHP DP609 allows you to control the security of you home by your smartphone with no additional hubs or modules required, the look comes ready to connect. Through the app you can send digital keys to friends or family with unlimited access or timed access which can be used for share houses and Airbnb view of who is coming in and out of your home and at what times, real time notification of entry a small doorbell that can be run to receive a notification to know when someone is at your door.


A push and pull handle making entry one simple movement rather than two, a voice guided system allowing the registration process to be quick and easy. The optional ability to have your lock automatically lock when the door closes feature a random security code to stop intruders from guessing your PIN code and a long battery life with an expectancy of 12 months averaging 10 uses a day and a 30% battery warning, If the batteries do go flat, you can easily power up the lock with a portable battery an a micro USB cable.


Entry options include 100 users either being digital key, PIN conde or key tag, two included. Up to 100 fingerprints, the provided warranty access card and five backup mechanical kays. The SHP DP609 is recommended for professional installation, installation requirements include 38-to-60-millimeter thickness a back set of 70 millimeters and a lock style of 115 millimeters.

Its price comes around $1000.

We hope all this information has helped you choose the best option for your Airbnb. 

Good Luck!

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