10 Kitchen Must-Haves for your Airbnb

Kitchen Must Haves for your Airbnb

Very often travelers choose to stay in an Airbnb, because they want to cook by themselves. Maybe they want to save money or they have allergies and its difficult for them to find something in restaurants. Whatever reason it is, you as a host should offer them enough essentials. 

Here are our Must-Haves for your Airbnb kitchen.


1. Stovetop and oven

I think it can’t get more basic. Even if you have the tiniest Airbnb you should offer them at least a camping stove.


2. Pans and Pots

You should always provide them at least one small and one big pan, and as well one small and one big Pot. If you want to get to the next Level, offer them more sizes.

3. Fridge and Freezer

When you’re buying a Fridge/Freezer make sure to choose a size which is appropriate for your listing. To put a tiny fridge in an Airbnb which is for a large group of persons is a bad idea. 

4. Cups and Dishes

Provide your guests with as many cups and plates as they need. For example, if you have an Airbnb for 2 people, provide everything four times. And if your STR is specifically designed for families with children: plastic plates are your best option. 

5. Knives and forks

Invest in good quality cutlery, it is worth it. Otherwise you will be buying new ones constantly. One set of cutlery per person and a few extra. For spoons, you should provide large and small ones.

6. Spatulas and ladles

How will your guests get their cooked food out of the pots? Be sure to provide them with different ladles and spatulas. 

7. Chopping boards and knives

Various cutting boards made of wood or/and plastic and good knives. It is actually so essential but unfortunately we as guests have often missed these things. Hopefully not with you.

8. Dish liquid, sponge and towels

Your guests like it clean. Make sure you have dish soap, sponges and towels in your Airbnb kitchen.

9. Bowls and strainers

Many guests use their vacations to cook and bake dishes for which they do not have time to make in their everyday life. And that often needs a few more utensils. So make sure they have a few bowls and strainers. If you want to level up you can offer them a measuring cup as well

10. Can openers and peelers

It doesn’t seem very important but it is. Just offer at least one veggie peeler, can opener, a bottle opener and a pair of scissors. 

and now some extras your guests will love

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